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Born in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro, Sá Reston is a brazilian bass player, composer, arranger and educator,

Performing professionally since 1995, Sá has devoted his craft and art to brazilian music (and it's varied styles) and to "Música Universal", the aesthetic created by brazilian genius Hermeto Pascoal and carried along by Sá's mentor, Itiberê Zwarg.

Sá met Itiberê in 2001, when he started studying with Zwarg in his "Música Universal Workshops".

From 2003 to 2010 he was the leader of brazilian quintet Acuri, releasing the Cd “Infância” (2009).

Joined Itiberê Zwarg & Grupo in 2011, with whom he recorded “Identidade” (2012) and went on an European tour in 2013. With the group, also recorded “Na Tela da Imaginação” (DVD, 2014), and “Intuitivo” (2018).

Since 2019, subs as bass player for Itiberê Zwarg in Hermeto Pascoal's group.

Since 2011, Sá also works as sideman with brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto in his brazilian tours.


Since 2017, is also a member of Mariana Zwarg's Sexteto Universal, with whom he has done 6 European tours and recorded the Cd "Nascentes", released in 2020. 

Since 2010, plays in guitarist Daniel Marques trio, having done 6 european tours and participating in 3 albums, "Carnaval de Perneta" (2010), "Espantalho" (2012) and "Redemoinho" (2020).

Some of the artist with who Sá played/recorded or collaborated through the years: Carol Panesi, JP Ramos Barbosa, Eduardo Sueitt, Salomão Soares, Guegué Medeiros, Armando Lobo, Orquestra Frevo Diabo, Orquestra JuruBrasil, Zé Pitoco, Cristina Renzetti, Janayna Pereira, Carol d'Ávila, Paulio Celé, Penna Firme, Joana Queiroz, Pedro Sá Moraes, Fred Caiçara, Marcos Ruffatto, among others.

As an arranger/composer, besides doing commercial work since 2006, Sá wrote all the arrangements for Acuri’s Cd “Infância” and Pedro Moraes’ “Claroescuro”, considered by Boston Globe one of the best World Music CD’s in 2011.

As an educator, besides teaching electric bass and harmony privately since 2001 and working for 3 years (2003 - 2006) as bass teacher at Angelus Music Academy (Rio de Janeiro), Sá taught brazilian music (bass and group practice) workshops in Brazil, India (New Delhi University) and Finland (Haapavesi Folk Music Festival and Metropolia University).

Since 2011, works as partner teacher at the Itiberê Zwarg Universal Music Workshops in Brazil.

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